Hailey Bieber Fans Convinced New TikTok Hints At Justin Divorce: WHAT?!

Are Justin and Hailey Bieber hurtling towards divorce? No? Yes? Either way, fans sure think so!

Even though Hailey and Justin Bieber celebrated their 5-year anniversary last summer, rumors continue to hound them.

the one fans clung to immediately was the idea that she was “blocking” hubby Justin.

Over and over, commenters on the video posts, “Mwah divorced”, while others implored her to tell them what the “drama” was.

And for the record – and we checked – Hailey has not “blocked” Justin on TikTok. Or Instagram.

And he hasn’t blocked from any social media platforms either, before you ask.

So for now, things stay as they are. But how are things going for the couple?